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May 2020

Your Immune System is impacted by your everyday environment and it is key to long term health and optimum wellness. Environment is the third of the Seven Pillars of Wellness and it is more important than ever during the current pandemic. We are all bombarded with toxins each day, either from our own poor lifestyle choices or from our environment. Did you know that your home has its unique microbiome? Often you may notice that households have a distinctive smell or feel this is all part of each home's microbiome. Not only is it key to reduce your toxic load from your environment and what you ingest, but it is also vital to boost your internal microbiome and the microbiome in your home. Your home microbiome comes from the cleaning products you use, the number of plants you have, if you have pets, if you spend time in the garden, if you wash all the dirt off your organic veggies

Yadira Galarza Cauchi from ADOREBEAUTY recently interviewed Dr Simone for an article about the benefits of quality wholefood protein drinks for your diet and what to avoid when selecting your protein powder. “Protein powders made from wholefood ingredients means they’re bioavailable so your gut can easily absorb and utilise the essential amino acids as building blocks for your health. The nine essential amino acids are also key building blocks for protein and therefore can assist with collagen production, the framework to keep your skin looking fresh and youthful,” said Dr Simone. what ingredients to look for when selecting a protein powder WHOLEFOOD PROTEIN POWDER OVER WHEY PROTEIN Wholefood Plant protein has far superior utilisation and uptake into the cell and muscle than whey. Plants absorb more easily than any product derived from dairy foods. Whey protein powders are by-products of the liquid waste products of cheese production and still contain a small amount of lactose. Lactose is very hard to digest in a lot of

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