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July 2020

Learn how to best take care of your body in order to balance your hormones, avoid hormonal decline & premature ageing. In the GLOBAL GLOW TALKS SERIES, Julie Katerine, CEO of Global Glow interviews leading health specialists, wellness warriors & icons, and world-renowned experts on topics ranging from inflammation, gut health, nutrition, beauty, skincare and hormonal imbalances to how to transform your health & wellness journey! As part of the Global Glow Talks Series, she had a wonderful & lively conversation with our co-founder, Simone Laubscher, PhD. Simone breaks down what you need to do to build a strong foundation and get your body feeling optimal! It’s all about finding a balance and getting back to basics

After hitting the wall with my health last month due to increased stress associated with COVID, homeschooling three kids and having to close our clinics temporarily, my stress hormones went through the roof! As a consequence, my thyroid function dropped, and I was feeling emotionally and physically weak, and I gained weight, particularly belly fat. The number of patients I've treated for hypothyroidism, Hashimoto's disease, hyperthyroidism and Grave's Disease has tripled over the last five years. The reduced nutritional value of our food (particularly trace minerals), increased toxic load, and stress are the main culprits, in my opinion. Many are now living in emergency mode or 'fight or flight mode' most of the time with over-revved Triple Warmer Meridians leaving no energy left for us to heal. For thousands of years, Traditional Chinese Medicine has been used to help restore health and vitality. A meridian is like an 'energy highway' in the human body which can be traced throughout the body;

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