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December 2020

With Christmas and the festive season on its way, now is the best time to implement a holiday season health plan so you can have fun and enjoy some treats, without bringing your health undone.  This year we won’t be having any grand parties, but we will still be connecting with close friends and family and enjoy some holiday treats. 2020 has been an unusual year and now more than ever we have learnt to give thanks for all we have and to hold our loved ones close. We have also seen the immense value of health, and there are lots of ways we can support our health and still indulge in yummy Christmas delicacies. When we indulge in treats our blood sugar levels spike for foods high in sugar, white flour or white potato have a high glycemic index (GI), and these tend to be the main ingredients of fun holiday foods). Alcohol also has varying GI ratings, so I have compiled

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