Dr S Laubscher

Dr Simoné Laubscher is a Nutritional Doctor and has been treating patients 20 years ago. Dr Simone has a PhD in oxidative stress

Dr Simoné Laubscher is a Nutritional Doctor and has been treating patients 20 years ago. Dr Simone has a PhD in oxidative stress and toxicology and holds a bachelor degree in science and nutrition.

Dr Simoné began her career working in special populations pertaining to cardiac rehab, diabetes, obesity, eating disorders and cancer patients. Dr Simoné then went on to be Joint Head of Medical Services and head nutritionist at The Third Space Medicine in London, where she began to specialise in obesity, metabolic and eating disorders. Dr Simoné then founded her own chain of international anti-ageing clinics called Active Anti-Ageing and rolled theses out as fractional franchises to existing international clinics. Dr Simoné rolled out five such international franchises in two years on also started to lecture on the international longevity circuit. It was during these years of rolling out her clinics, walking through the cancer journey with her Mother and finishing off her PhD that Dr Simoné developed a deep love for disease prevention and treatment, pertaining to internal anti-ageing and specifically to cancer.

Dr Simone then went on to launch Rejuv eight years ago with her husband Dirk Laubscher, uniting her husband’s speciality in backs and orthopaedics with her nutritional expertise. From the merging of these two Harley Street clinics The Back Clinic and Active Anti-Aging, Rejuv was born.

Rejuv is focused on restoring your health foundations and bringing you into a state of pure and complete rejuvenation. Dr Simoné and her Rejuv team are very passionate about bringing health, healing and restoration to her patients. ‘There is no greater gift than to assist a patient into vibrant health and to give them the tools so that they can remain there, long term.’ Dr Simoné.

Dr Simoné has also grown Rejuv into an international brand with three clinics now in Egypt and Dubai to launch in 2014. Rejuv will also be rolled out across the rest of the Gulf over the next five years.

Dr Simoné has also launched her own whole-food supplement line called Rejuv Nutrition and launched Rejuv Gourmet, delivering bespoke healthy organic meals to your door fresh each day. Dr Simoné has also launched her own diet and gluten free bakery line in London and in Egypt.

Dr Simone has treated many celebrities over the years and was the regular health expert on the Terry and Gabi show and has been involved in various other BBC documentaries. Dr Simone has lectured at longevity conferences throughout the world and currently writes articles for The Times, The Evening Standard, Men`s Health, Rambert Dance Company Magazine, Slimming, Heat, The Daily Mail & many more publications.

Dr Simone is currently Elle Macpherson’s personal nutritional Doctor and is business partners with Elle as the formulator for www.welleco.com