Desirée Joubert


After graduating from The University of Pretoria in South Africa in 2011, Desirée worked at a private practice in Cape Town and furthered her studies by completing a post graduate course in advanced hands-on therapy techniques. This broadened her knowledge in identifying and treating various musculoskeletal conditions using the most appropriate and up-to-date techniques. As a BASI pilates mat instructor, she is well trained in rehabilitating sports related injuries, back and neck pain and giving pilates for pregnancy.

She has worked closely with many orthopedic surgeons, gaining experience in treating post surgical back, knee and shoulder conditions. Her favorite part of being a physiotherapist is helping someone achieve a goal they never would have thought possible.

Desirée believes in an active approach to managing pain by incorporating self-management techniques into the treatment plan so that the pain does’t just go away but stays away.

"I am able to stay lean as well as physically and mentally strong."Elle Macpherson