Mr Dirk Laubscher

Co-Founder & Head of Physiotherapy

Dirk is a well respected Musculoskeletal Specialist Physiotherapist who qualified at the University of Pretoria, in South Africa and has been treating patients for the past 14 years. He arrived in the UK in 2001 and is specialised in the treatment of backs, necks and sport injuries. Dirk is passionate about seeing people healed and set free from the vicious cycle of pain.

Dirk was the owner of The Back Clinic on Harley Street for over 10 years which has now been re-branded as Rejuv Physio and Nutrition. Dirk has treated various celebrities including Lily Allen, Sinitta and Helen Mirren, West End musical actors, professional ballet dancers and singers. Elite athletes such as Michael Clarke, the Australian cricket captain, premiership football players and England’s rugby team players are also among the distinguished clientele.

Dirk has a very practical and functional approach to pain and injury and focuses on treating the cause of the problem, not just the symptoms bringing about permanent results. He also writes articles for Men’s Health and other top London magazines. Being a past elite athlete himself, Dirk understands the workings of the body supported by his skills of manual therapy and rehabilitation.

Hanna Gustafsson


Hanna fulfilled her childhood dream of becoming a physiotherapist when, in 2010, she graduated from the University of Malardalen in Sweden, having spent a year of her course in Australia gaining first-hand of what being a physiotherapist really means and requires. The same year she moved to the UK and has since spent seven years building on her knowledge and experience by working in both the public and private sectors.

Hanna actually worked and trained in Australia with one of Dirk Laubscher's colleagues where she was trained up to be a specialised MedX rehab practitioner. Dirk who is the co-founder of Rejuv was also instrumental with Hanna choosing to study as a physio 10 years ago and has been one of her mentors every since.

Hanna now specialises in Musculoskeletal physiotherapy and is a firm believer of finding the root cause of pain before moving to treat and rehabilitate patients. She firmly believes that there is no one 'right' approach to treatment but that through listening, educating and guiding clients alongside therapy and realistic goal setting outcomes are both effective and sustainable.

Hanna has worked closely with many orthopaedic surgeons, gaining experience in treating post surgical back, knee and shoulder conditions. Hanna believes in an active approach to managing pain by incorporating self-management techniques into the treatment plan so that the pain does’t just go away but stays away.

Hanna is extremely engaged and easy going and loves the feeling of getting someone back to full fitness, pain free and most importantly back to living a happy and wholesome life!

Michael Lee


Mike is an Specialist Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist who qualified from the University of Plymouth in 2012. Over the last 5 years, he has treated patients in both private practice and the public sector.
Mike's first posting was in the NHS in North Devon and more recently he has gone on to work across London over the last several years. During this time he also completed a number of advanced physiotherapy courses. This broadened his knowledge in identifying and treating both simple and complex musculo-skeletal conditions, while using the most appropriate and up-to-date techniques. He has experience working in gyms and sports teams and specialises in treating sports related injuries and back and neck pain.
Mike lives an active lifestyle, and is passionate about helping people overcome their injuries so they can get back to doing the things they love. He doesn't just believe in treating the pain itself, he also focuses on addressing the causes of the injury, so the pain doesn't just go away, but stays away.

Dr Anne Honeth

Dr of Naprathy & Medical massage/manipulation

Dr Anne is Doctor of Naprathy, from Scandinavian college of manual medicine with 10 year of experience. Dr Anne is ISIA qualified ski instructor in Sweden & a member of the Swedish Naprapathic Association
Naprathy includes sports massage, Swedish massage, full body massage, deep tissue massage, joint manipulation, sports medicine diagnosis, orthopaedic medicine, trigger point treatments and human physiology and rehabilitation.

Dr S Laubscher

Dr Simoné Laubscher is a Nutritional Doctor and has been treating patients 20 years ago. Dr Simone has a PhD in oxidative stress

Dr Simoné Laubscher is a Nutritional Doctor and has been treating patients 20 years ago. Dr Simone has a PhD in oxidative stress and toxicology and holds a bachelor degree in science and nutrition.

Dr Simoné began her career working in special populations pertaining to cardiac rehab, diabetes, obesity, eating disorders and cancer patients. Dr Simoné then went on to be Joint Head of Medical Services and head nutritionist at The Third Space Medicine in London, where she began to specialise in obesity, metabolic and eating disorders. Dr Simoné then founded her own chain of international anti-ageing clinics called Active Anti-Ageing and rolled theses out as fractional franchises to existing international clinics. Dr Simoné rolled out five such international franchises in two years on also started to lecture on the international longevity circuit. It was during these years of rolling out her clinics, walking through the cancer journey with her Mother and finishing off her PhD that Dr Simoné developed a deep love for disease prevention and treatment, pertaining to internal anti-ageing and specifically to cancer.

Dr Simone then went on to launch Rejuv eight years ago with her husband Dirk Laubscher, uniting her husband’s speciality in backs and orthopaedics with her nutritional expertise. From the merging of these two Harley Street clinics The Back Clinic and Active Anti-Aging, Rejuv was born.

Rejuv is focused on restoring your health foundations and bringing you into a state of pure and complete rejuvenation. Dr Simoné and her Rejuv team are very passionate about bringing health, healing and restoration to her patients. ‘There is no greater gift than to assist a patient into vibrant health and to give them the tools so that they can remain there, long term.’ Dr Simoné.

Dr Simoné has also grown Rejuv into an international brand with three clinics now in Egypt and Dubai to launch in 2014. Rejuv will also be rolled out across the rest of the Gulf over the next five years.

Dr Simoné has also launched her own whole-food supplement line called Rejuv Nutrition and launched Rejuv Gourmet, delivering bespoke healthy organic meals to your door fresh each day. Dr Simoné has also launched her own diet and gluten free bakery line in London and in Egypt.

Dr Simone has treated many celebrities over the years and was the regular health expert on the Terry and Gabi show and has been involved in various other BBC documentaries. Dr Simone has lectured at longevity conferences throughout the world and currently writes articles for The Times, The Evening Standard, Men`s Health, Rambert Dance Company Magazine, Slimming, Heat, The Daily Mail & many more publications.

Dr Simone is currently Elle Macpherson’s personal nutritional Doctor and is business partners with Elle as the formulator for

Natalie Braithwaite

Nutritional Therapist and Life Coach

Natalie is a well respected and qualified Nutritional Therapist , having practiced Nutritional Therapy for over 11 years and has worked in the health industry for 20 years. Natalie is committed to helping people to achieve the level of wellbeing they aspire to.

Natalie was previously part of the Rejuv team, deciding to take up the challenge as the Professional Head of Nutrition for Nuffield Health for 4 years. She designed the acclaimed ‘Healthy Weight Programme’ and established a national Nutrition Network and Nutrition strategy for Nuffield Health Wellness Centres. She is now returning to her true passion of working closely with clients at Rejuv, to see healthy transformation in their lives.

Natalie is passionate about nutrition and its potential for unlocking people’s health and vitality in a way that will work for them as a lifestyle, not just another fad diet. She believes that true health is holistic in approach – body, mind and soul .

Often, we find ourselves not getting the results we expected, despite putting in tremendous effort through diet and exercise. It’s important to step back and look at the whole picture of YOU to know what will bring about the transformation you desire. Wherever you are on your health journey there is a next right step for you. Natalie is gifted in making it easier for people to know what the next right step is for their body. When someone decides that they are ready for change, but they have tried everything or their body, mind or low energy levels are standing in their way, they may feel overwhelmed before they even start!

Natalie is also a yoga instructor, combining her knowledge of nutrition with her detailed understanding of the way the body and mind works and moves, to provide the ultimate holistic approach to wellbeing for clients .

Here is what some of her clients have said about Natalie:

‘Natalie consulted for me as a Nutritional Therapist last year when I was experiencing some minor health issues. Her time with me and her brilliant understanding of the way the body works helped focus my food choices and meal plans and keep me on a nourishing , healthy eating path. Her kind ,calm and understanding nature put me at ease and her in-depth knowledge was very reassuring. I couldn’t recommend her highly enough.’ – Anna Schmidt.

‘IBS , mood swings, stubborn weight that I couldn’t shift, exhaustion, headaches, and hearing loss lead me to have a nutrition consultation with Natalie and it has genuinely changed my life. It is not an instant fix but it is empowering to regain some control and know that youre really nourishing yourself. Natalie breaks it all down, explains everything so simply and tailors everything so simply to fit your lifestyle and to whats realisitically achievable. She is so knowledgeable and has got such a gentle manner.’ – Lucy Barker.

‘I thoroughly enjoyed having a Nutritional therapy consultation with Natalie. She was very professional and enlightened me on nutritional theories which I had never considered or even heard of before. Everything made sense and explained why I used to get so tired mid morning and late afternoon, and had 10pm sugar cravings. Natalie takes a very well rounded view of your current diet and helps you to make adjustments to include healthier choices. I appreciate not being told I needed to radically change what I was eating, but make positive changes which I am still applying today. ‘ Kathy Pavid.

‘I have honestly been feeling so good since taking Natalie’s advice. I’m not skipping breakfasts, which I’ve noticed means I have more energy and I am not craving carbs. I’m eating more veggies and feeling great ‘ Tori Parker.

Andrew Mayers

Musculoskeletal and sports massage therapist

Andrew holds an ITEC diploma in Level 4 certified Sports Massage Therapist and a Level 4 certified Personal Trainer. With over ten years experience in the health and fitness industry, Andrew specializes in bringing the best interventions, producing reliable, reproducible results to improve the function and movement of clients and breaking the vicious cycle of pain.

Andrew offers deep and effective Sports Massage therapy at Rejuv, bringing relief to pain and supporting the release of tension in the body. Andrew draws on his physiological knowledge and uses a consultative approach to identify a client’s functioning needs to design treatments that address their physical condition through the application of selected practical techniques. His bespoke treatments involve the skillful manipulation of soft tissue to improve the health of muscle and connective tissue, range of movement, quality of posture, as well as the tone, symmetry and balance of muscle. Andrew responds intuitively to each client’s body, selecting the right tool to unravel their physical concerns from his ‘toolkit’ of techniques including; Effleurage, Pestriage, Tapotement, Neuro-Muscular techniques (NMT), Soft Tissue Release (STR), Muscle Energy Techniques, Trigger Point and Myofascial Release.

Andrew also specializes in mat and reformer Pilates instruction. He enjoys educating clients about how their body functions and ways to optimize movement for their range of potential. He applies his knowledge of anatomy by explaining to clients where they should be feeling the effort and why during the execution of each exercise. Andrew is experienced in working with a range of clients of all ages including office workers, pre/post-natal ladies, triathletes, overweight and anorexic clients. As a result, Andrew is adept at tailoring exercises to the unique physical needs of each client. He has a special ability to motivate clients to make positive health gains with sensitivity and customised support for those recovering from serious injury, illness or significant physical changes. With an extensive sporting background, Andrew brings an infectious energy to his sessions. He also offers weight training and HIIT on request.

Andrew is passionate about improving the health, well-being and quality of life of every individual he is privileged to treat and train.

Sarah Glover

Marketing Manager

Sarah Glover has 30 years of experience in the health and wellness industry starting her career when she was only 14 she signed up to sell Avon skin care to all her class mates and their parents. After finishing school Sarah went to college and studied nutrition, wellness, beauty and exercise, qualifying as a beauty therapist at London College of Fashion.
A natural entrepreneur Sarah started her own beauty and personal training business in London before taking a break in her career to grow her 2 daughters into successful young women. She continued in the beauty and wellness industry developing her career in spa management and training. After having her own successful beauty and wellness company, Sarah went on to consult with some of the top spa and wellness brands in the UK.
During a charity trip in Mumbai India in 2010 Sarah saw things that disturbed her so greatly she set up a charity to teach poor and destitute women, beauty skills and get them into work ( Building a charity, setting up 3 businesses and helping other companies to roll out their brands, Sarah’s passion is helping set people free with nutrition, exercise and beautician skills.
Sarah has a passion to help support businesses that have a vision to put an end to social injustice and works with Rejuv not only on a marketing level but on advancing their charitable giving into various causes bringing hope to the hopeless and a voice to the voiceless.

Deborah Forsythe

Medical Aesthetics

Deborah is a registered Medical Aesthetic Practitioner with experience gained over more than 30 years in the aesthetic industry. Deborah originally trained as a nurse and went on to study Dermatology and Ashthetic Medicine. Deborah has performed more than 20,000 procedures during that period of time and is acknowledged as an expert lecturer, trainer and practitioner in her niche of non surgical facial rejuvenation techniques.

Her goal is to provide the type of medical and facial aesthetic care that she would seek for her own family. This is the type of 5 star care and service that our patients expect, deserve and receive. Deborah treats every patient the way she would want to be treated: with courtesy, dignity and respect. She carefully listens to their skin concerns and can offer a variety of options including a treatment plan that she believes will give the best and safest results.

Deborah sees every patient herself. She believes in personalised aesthetic care. It is crucial that Deborah does a full history and examination and listens to your concerns. It’s very important to understand the individual needs of each patient, then each patient’s condition is carefully evaluated and the best treatments are chosen to ensure an optimal outcome.