Hanna Gustafsson


Hanna fulfilled her childhood dream of becoming a physiotherapist when, in 2010, she graduated from the University of Malardalen in Sweden, having spent a year of her course in Australia gaining first-hand of what being a physiotherapist really means and requires. The same year she moved to the UK and has since spent seven years building on her knowledge and experience by working in both the public and private sectors.

Hanna actually worked and trained in Australia with one of Dirk Laubscher's colleagues where she was trained up to be a specialised MedX rehab practitioner. Dirk who is the co-founder of Rejuv was also instrumental with Hanna choosing to study as a physio 10 years ago and has been one of her mentors every since.

Hanna now specialises in Musculoskeletal physiotherapy and is a firm believer of finding the root cause of pain before moving to treat and rehabilitate patients. She firmly believes that there is no one 'right' approach to treatment but that through listening, educating and guiding clients alongside therapy and realistic goal setting outcomes are both effective and sustainable.

Hanna has worked closely with many orthopaedic surgeons, gaining experience in treating post surgical back, knee and shoulder conditions. Hanna believes in an active approach to managing pain by incorporating self-management techniques into the treatment plan so that the pain does’t just go away but stays away.

Hanna is extremely engaged and easy going and loves the feeling of getting someone back to full fitness, pain free and most importantly back to living a happy and wholesome life!

"Having Simoné from Rejuv as my nutritionist has allowed me to reach my peak optimum health. I am able to stay lean as well as physically and mentally strong. I am also, finally in a place of long term disease prevention."Elle Macpherson