Natalie Braithwaite

Nutritional Therapist and Life Coach

Natalie is a well respected and qualified Nutritional Therapist , having practiced Nutritional Therapy for over 11 years and has worked in the health industry for 20 years. Natalie is committed to helping people to achieve the level of wellbeing they aspire to.

Natalie was previously part of the Rejuv team, deciding to take up the challenge as the Professional Head of Nutrition for Nuffield Health for 4 years. She designed the acclaimed ‘Healthy Weight Programme’ and established a national Nutrition Network and Nutrition strategy for Nuffield Health Wellness Centres. She is now returning to her true passion of working closely with clients at Rejuv, to see healthy transformation in their lives.

Natalie is passionate about nutrition and its potential for unlocking people’s health and vitality in a way that will work for them as a lifestyle, not just another fad diet. She believes that true health is holistic in approach – body, mind and soul .

Often, we find ourselves not getting the results we expected, despite putting in tremendous effort through diet and exercise. It’s important to step back and look at the whole picture of YOU to know what will bring about the transformation you desire. Wherever you are on your health journey there is a next right step for you. Natalie is gifted in making it easier for people to know what the next right step is for their body. When someone decides that they are ready for change, but they have tried everything or their body, mind or low energy levels are standing in their way, they may feel overwhelmed before they even start!

Natalie is also a yoga instructor, combining her knowledge of nutrition with her detailed understanding of the way the body and mind works and moves, to provide the ultimate holistic approach to wellbeing for clients .

Here is what some of her clients have said about Natalie:

‘Natalie consulted for me as a Nutritional Therapist last year when I was experiencing some minor health issues. Her time with me and her brilliant understanding of the way the body works helped focus my food choices and meal plans and keep me on a nourishing , healthy eating path. Her kind ,calm and understanding nature put me at ease and her in-depth knowledge was very reassuring. I couldn’t recommend her highly enough.’ – Anna Schmidt.

‘IBS , mood swings, stubborn weight that I couldn’t shift, exhaustion, headaches, and hearing loss lead me to have a nutrition consultation with Natalie and it has genuinely changed my life. It is not an instant fix but it is empowering to regain some control and know that youre really nourishing yourself. Natalie breaks it all down, explains everything so simply and tailors everything so simply to fit your lifestyle and to whats realisitically achievable. She is so knowledgeable and has got such a gentle manner.’ – Lucy Barker.

‘I thoroughly enjoyed having a Nutritional therapy consultation with Natalie. She was very professional and enlightened me on nutritional theories which I had never considered or even heard of before. Everything made sense and explained why I used to get so tired mid morning and late afternoon, and had 10pm sugar cravings. Natalie takes a very well rounded view of your current diet and helps you to make adjustments to include healthier choices. I appreciate not being told I needed to radically change what I was eating, but make positive changes which I am still applying today. ‘ Kathy Pavid.

‘I have honestly been feeling so good since taking Natalie’s advice. I’m not skipping breakfasts, which I’ve noticed means I have more energy and I am not craving carbs. I’m eating more veggies and feeling great ‘ Tori Parker.

"Having Simoné from Rejuv as my nutritionist has allowed me to reach my peak optimum health. I am able to stay lean as well as physically and mentally strong. I am also, finally in a place of long term disease prevention."Elle Macpherson