Elle Macpherson talks about the Super Elixir with Dr Simoné Laubscher PhD

Elle Macpherson with Dr. Simoné at the launch of Elle’s supergreen supplement THE SUPER ELIXIR TM @ (Image courtesy of WELLECO)

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A Guide to Finding Easter Candy/Chocolate That Isn’t Totally Terrible for You

Need help negotiating the Easter candy mine field next week? Dr Simoné spoke with Marianne from to give you lots of tips on how to make some good choices.

The Bitter Truth- how to improve your digestion

Want to improve your digestion & absorption? See Hannah's simple steps to fast track your health today!

How to beat insomnia & sleep disorders

Nothing worse than having a sleep disorder! Dr Simone unpacks many of the causes and her 10 top tips to combat this problem.

Your Annual Organ Clean Up

Did you 'tox' over the summer holidays? Well we have the perfect organ detox for you to wipe your toxic slate clean ready to finish the rest of the year strong!​ Taken form 'The Best Possible You' by Hannah Richards

How to have a healthy metabolism, by Dr Simoné Laubscher

Want to have a healthy metabolism? Dr Simoné's latest blog explains how to determine your basal metabolic rate (BMR), gives you her 10 top tips to boost your metabolism & unpacks the science behind metabolic function so you can live lean with minimal pain!

Achieving your detox & re-tox balance

Dr Simoné gives you get 10 top tips on how to reach your balance between living clean & over indulging. Practical tools you can easily implement allowing you to fast track your health so you ca literally have your cake & eat it too!

Results of the Welleco 50 Person Study @ Rejuv

Exciting results of The Welleco Scientific Study of 50 of Rejuv's patients, tested pre & post 8 weeks of taking The Super Elixir alkalising greens, by Doctors Lab in London. Results included 96% of patients turning alkaline, improved liver function.