Elle Macpherson talks about the Super Elixir with Dr Simoné Laubscher PhD

Elle Macpherson with Dr. Simoné at the launch of Elle’s supergreen supplement THE SUPER ELIXIR TM @ welleco.com (Image courtesy of WELLECO)

5 Easy Steps to living alkaline

With the launch of our new Super Elixir (www.welleco.com) this coming Thursday 22nd May at Selfridges, what better time to discuss a few tips on how to get your body to run alkaline!

Since I am Elle Macpherson’s nutritional doctor, Elle asked me a few years ago to formulate a specialised supergreens formula. A supergreens which went above and beyond the usual combination of barley grass, wheat grass, spirulina, chlorella etc. A formula to support all 11 systems of the body. Taking such a product is essential to turning your body alkaline and I will discuss more about this below in the supplement section, but for now let’s give you a few tips on turning alkaline in addition to taking a ground breaking formula such as the Super Elixir.

Oh and you’re all invited so feel free to come along to Selfridges this Thursday for our health seminar with Elle Macpherson from 1.30-2.30pm. See the link below if you’re interested.

Also note, take it easy, rather than going full-on from day 1, this is a lifestyle change, so be kind to yourself and if you do get a detox effect this is great, so drink lots of water. Life is meant to be enjoyed and it is all about balance after all. The 80:20 rule works for most so give yourself permission to have a few treats during the 20% of the week.

Balance & not abstinence is the goal after all!

5 Steps to Living Alkaline

1. Hydration

In treating thousands of patients over the past 15 years I have found that around 90 percent of people are chronically dehydrated and this is having a massive impact on their quality of life. Drinking water can feel boring and at the beginning you do need to pee a lot. Most people give up after the first week for they presume this is now their future! So like creating all new habits
stay with it for 3 weeks, the tone in your bladder will improve and you will also develop a thirst again making it really easy to maintain this great habit.

Getting properly hydrated will make a huge difference to your health, energy, vitality and immunity. Everything is influenced by the quantity and quality of the water you drink. Aim to filter your water and make it alkaline with a pH between 8 and 9.5.

Action Steps

  • Drink 8 cups or 2 litre of water each day.
  • Drink lemon water (first thing in the morning if possible if possible): 2 cups of lukewarm, filtered water with freshly-squeezed juice from 1/4 of a lemon.
  • It helps cleanse the digestive system, ignite your metabolism and buffer excess acids. Despite the lemons being acidic in their natural form, lemon water is alkaline-forming to the body once consumed.
  • You can add a pinch of cayenne pepper to this lemon water also if desired to accelerate the alkalising effect, great for your endocrine system, immune & metabolism!
  • Enjoy organic herbal teas such as Rooibos, peppermint , Buchu and nettle.

2. Go the greens!

The alkaline diet is all about alkaline foods. There is conflicting information on the Internet about which foods are alkaline and which are acid-forming. This simple rule covers 90 percent of foods: Generally anything plant based will be alkalising.

Alkaline foods are those you already know are good for you: fresh vegetables, salads, leafy greens, low-sugar fruits, nuts, seeds and healthy oils such as olive, flaxseed and coconut oils and unrefined, organic, high-water-content foods.

And acidic foods are those you already know are bad for you: refined foods, fast foods, trans-fats, all meats, dairy, sugar, caffeine, white bread, white pasta and rice, condiments, alcohol, chocolate, chips, ice cream and pizza.

Aim for a ratio of 80/20: Consume 80 percent alkaline foods to 20 percent acidic foods as mentioned before.

3. Stress

When you get stressed your body reacts in a physical way. Your heart rate goes up, adrenaline, stress hormones & cortisol is released and your arteries constrict as when you face physical danger and you get cut, thus preventing you from bleeding to death. Therefore getting stressed is not some emotional response with no other effect on your body. The physical reactions
cause everything to shut down, especially blood flow to be restricted. As a result less goodness can get to your cells & less toxins can be removed. Also cortisol acts like a fat magnet so not only are you more acidic but you are also more likely to gain weight, not a great combination.

So breathe as below, shake off your worries, exercise, laugh, spend time with people you love & who build you up, see a therapist if you need to and look at some herbs such as St John’s Wort if you are prone to depression.

4. Oxygenation

By doing a simple breathing exercise once or twice per day you give your body a huge helping hand in removing these acids. Plus it allows you to stop, focus your mind, visualize and relax, which is also nicely alkalizing.

Sit comfortably, close your eyes and follow this simple breathing pattern:

  • Breathe in for the count of 2
  • Hold for a count of 8
  • Breathe out for a count of 4
  • Repeat 10 times

Also get some high O2 producing plants in your home such as peace lilies, especially where you sleep

Laughing is one of the best ways to oxygenate your body too.

5. Supplements

This is one of the most overwhelming and confusing parts of the alkaline diet for most beginners. There are so many supplements out there, all promising different things and all claiming they are better than the others.

After spending 3 years to find a lab who would produce wholefood, organic supplements for my own line of supplements and after working on the Super Elixir for the past few years I feel we have created the ultimate supplements to support the above lifestyle changes to allow you to like in an alkaline state.

The Super Elixir, A Specialised super-greens powder:

This is a combination of powdered grasses, fruits, vegetables and sprouts with a focus on wheatgrass and barley grass in addition to herbs to support detox capacity, liver and kidney function, hair, skin & nails, pre & probiotics for immune support, the shitake mushroom family for immune & stress support, all vitamins, minerals & antioxidants required on a daily basis , L-Glutamine for digestive function, flaxseeds for omega 3 and also for digestive function and so much more.

Since the Super Elixir will not be available for sale from Selfridges till next week and in our clinic for another month I also have my own line of Rejuv formulations where by instead of having the Super Elixir which does everything in 2 teaspoons per day you can take a collection of our products to create a similar effect.

You can however go online & purchase the Super Elixir online direct from our website www.welleco.com

Happy Alkalising!!

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