How to survive the holiday season, by Dr Simoné Laubscher

With Christmas just around the corner now is the best time to implement a holiday survival guide​. Dr Simoné shares with us her top 5 survival guide tips and the launch of her new Rejuv 'Party Pack' line!

With Christmas just around the corner and Christmas parties already booked in the diary now is the best time to implement a holiday survival guide​. Most of us will tend to over indulge with food or drinks. So to combat blood sugar surges, weight gain, toxic liver & digestive overload Dr Simoné has invented her new ‘Rejuv Party Pack’ and has listed her 5 top tips on how to survive the holiday season. Hey we all know nothing is better than abstaining but if you do choose to over indulge at least you have a plan to help ‘lessen the blow’ !

1. Be kind to yourself; This is a wonderful time to celebrate with friends and family and give thanks for all we have. So instead of trying to limit yourself all the time give yourself 2 days for Christmas and 2 days for New Year. Let your hair down and enjoy but by planning your diary this way you have 4 days of fun instead of a 4 week land slide!

2. Put your ‘Rejuv Party Pack’ in place; Choose whole food organic supplements to support your digestion and detox capacity over the holidays. Dr Simone’s life work went into creating her range and in her Party pack you have our Rejuv Digestive Aid to help you cut through any rich foods, our Rejuv Carb and Fat blockers to assist your body with blood sugar surges which lead to weight gain and fatigue, our Rejuv Super Greens capsules to remove all excess acidity after excessive eating and drinking and our powerful Rejuv Liver Clear capsules which allow you to detox as you ‘retox’! All of the above will also prevent food & booz ‘hangovers’ for food just has much as drinks can make us feel very dusty the next day. See our website to get your Party Pack

3. Intermittent fasting; with potential excess on the cards swap out breakfast each day for a super food smoothie so you give your system a chance to do a mini cleanse each am and bombard your cells with extra nutrition to allow you to move through the holidays season with minimal damage to your system.

4. Hydrate; Over eating and over drinking will make you dehydrated so do yourself a favour and get 2-3L of water & or herbal teas in per day….your liver & 100 trillion cells will LOVE you for it.

5. Move your body; Stagnation will make us feel worse if we over indulge so wether it is a brisk walk, a session at the gym, a bounce on your home trampoline or re-bounder or a great dance around the house as if no one is watching, just try to move. Not after a big meal of course but the key is to prepare the body before the onslaught or a day or two later get moving to help your system clear the toxins. It’s not complicate but my dear friend and business partner Elle Macpherson told me years ago she moves her body each day, only for 30mins and well if it is good enough for ‘The Body’ it is good enough for me!

Wishing you all a blessed Christmas & New Year!

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