Exciting new summer packages at Rejuv to fast track your results and save you money! Physio, Weight Loss, Cellulite packages and buy 3 get 1 FREE on any Rejuv Nutrition products. Discounted price on Dr Simone’s famous weight loss protocol too!


Relax, let us do all the work with our new holistic summer packages!

  • Many ask us ‘why physio & nutrition?’ The answer is simple, INFLAMMATION!
  • You see if you just treat a back or knee etc but don’t treat the underlying inflammation you never get long term results, for the body’s internal acidic environment will leave you in the vicious cycle of pain and inflammation. Did you know that every single vertebrae relate to a specific organ and visa versa? Therefore both the internal & external body must be in alignment to have optimum health & vitality. SEE CHART BELOW
  • The same with obesity and health imbalances. Your muscles and spine create the physical body that house your organs. If your body is not in alignment your metabolism & detox capacity is greatly impaired making it really hard to lose weight & fight disease.
  • This is why at Rejuv we specialise in your internal & external wellness creating a holistic solution to your health challenge, through physiotherapy & nutrition.
  • So here are our new packages of buy 3 & get 1 free, fast-tracking your results and saving you money £££!

1. Physio Package

  • This package targets physical pain anywhere in your body and supports the body’s natural internal healing processes reducing inflammation, pH/acidity and toxicity. Book 4 physio sessions and receive a FREE session with one of our specialised nutritionists valued at £170 (includes a test to determine your exact level of internal acidity too) giving you easy practical lifestyle tips.

2. Weight-loss Package

  • Boost and re-set your metabolism, melt away unwanted fat & get your body into correct alignment. Book in for 4 nutrition sessions and get ONE FREE session with one of our specialist physios to analyse and re-adjust your alignment & freeing up your organs so you can burn more fat. Our new Physio Lymph detox will be added in too if needed to this session. FREE SESSION valued at £150!

3. Cellulite Package

  • Remove toxins, water retention and unwanted stored fat & cellulite and with our NEW ‘Physio Lymph Detox ’ using manual physiotherapy, a new Lymphatic drainage machine and herbal medicine. Dirk & Simoné invented this protocol after studying in the USA last month, so we are very excited to launch this at Rejuv! Book in for 4 sessions and get TWO FREE Rejuv nutrition products and ONE FREE nutritional plan created by Dr Simoné valued at £200. 4. Rejuv Nutrition supplement packages-Buy 4 Rejuv nutrition products & get 1 product for FREE 5. Dr Simone’s weight loss protocol -1 week protocol for £299 instead of £365 & get 1 free day too! SAVE OVER £100 & LOSE ONE pound of fat per day!

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