The Bitter Truth- how to improve your digestion

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The Bitter Truth, How to improve your Digestion for a healthy gut Microbiome

Years ago the strength of the human gut, the integrity of the mucosal lining and ones
digestive capabilities were much more robust that they are today and there is
reason for that.The most common issues we see today in clinic lies not in a default in the genetic code but in the routines or lack of routines in our very modern and convenient lifestyle and the after thought that nutrition and diet gets.

There are six tastes in the world, one of which is bitter. It may not be your favorite but it is essential in your digestive health. Gone are the days when you would be served an aperitif before your email or in between every course. The purpose of which would be to stimulate the digestive juices and help your stomach digest the food.Lets start by taking you back to the biology classroom and remind you of how your body works.

Food enters the mouth and in an ideal world the majority of your digestion should happen here in the form of mastication (chewing to you and me). If we take protein for example the protein is broken down in to amino acids the building blocks of protein. They slide down the alkaline environment of the esophagus where the pH is typically around 7 unless you suffer with acid reflux and then it may be pH3 whereit drop into the ‘Aladdin’s Cave’ of acid, the stomach! Here the acid with the help of a few more enzymes breaks down your yummy steak or tofu to a
consistency that can slowly drip out of the stomach into the small intestines for further absorption.

With the prevalence of parasites, fungi and pathogenic bacteria circulating world wide it is essential your gut is string and robust so that when the bugs do get in they leave as quickly as they came because you have created an environment unfavorable for their lifestyle!

How you can get more bitters in your life ?

Eat Green vegetables and leaves at every meal!

Chew your food to liquid (at least 20 times)!

Drink Angostura bitters or apple cider vinegar (with the ‘mother’ the cloudy bits inside)!

Take your supplements seriously!

Do not use your phone or watch TV at meal times.

How you can tell whether you need a GUT MOT?

Do your bowels alternate on a daily basis?

Do you have days where you do not have a bowel movement?

Do you have the sensation to go but then not?

Do you have acid re-flux?

Are you putting on weight?

Rejuv Digestive health support supplements;

1. Rejuv Digestive Aid Enzymes

2. Rejuv Probiotics & Candida Gone

3. Rejuv Gut Buddies – probiotic powder for kids

4. Rejuv Super Greens powder & capsules

5. Rejuv L Glutamine powder

6. Rejuv Digestive Complex powder with fibre, glutamine & probiotics

7. Rejuv NatLax for constipation

Book in for your Gut MOT with Hannah Richards on a Tuesday or Thursday and make sure you
are doing everything you can for optimum health.

Hannah has also just written a book called ‘The Best Possible you’ A unique healing guide to your body which is being published by Orion this December and can be pre-ordered on Amazon now!

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