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In most cases of hormonal imbalances over my 25-year career, I’ve seen inflammation as the common denominator in my clinical practice and my own personal experience after our infertility issues and hypothyroidism.   Dealing with inflammation first has a powerful knock-on effect on the entire endocrine systems. It sets clients free of hormone-related health challenges like menopause, irregular periods, infertility, thyroid problems, polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) or Hashimoto’s.   Inflammation of the thyroid can often be the main driver behind overall hormone imbalances and infertility.   The Overzealous Cytokines All parts of thyroid hormone synthesis, from iodine uptake to thyroid hormone circulation, is affected by cytokines. Cytokines are small proteins vital in controlling other immune system cells and blood cells' growth and activity. When an injury occurs, cytokines are beneficial, as in acute inflammation. In chronic inflammation, however, cytokines become overzealous and lead to inflammation imbalances such as autoimmune, thyroid issues and even infertility.  Inflammation is, therefore, a genuine issue that you need to address if you desire optimum health.

Fifteen years ago we were told we would never have children and IVF probably wouldn’t work. Just like Brian & Dani McFadden. It was like a bomb of sadness, fear and shock explodes in your heart. It started my quest to find the best fertility support.  We knew we had a choice to either take the news as it was and accept defeat or dial-up our faith and dial down our fear and as small as 3% chance, we would believe for our miracle. I’ll never forget my Mum & Dad all those years ago saying ‘well Sim you only need one good swimmer & your hubby is a one in a million so God won’t bring you this far not to get your miracle!’. So the journey and research began. We did all the lifestyle changes to support fertility that we've suggested to Brian & Dani and many couples since. We agreed if it didn’t work, we would adopt so we

We treat a variety of high profile patients and help them navigate their wellness journeys, just like all patients who come to see us at Rejuv Wellness. Over the last few months, one of our patients (Dani Parkinson) has written a blog about her fertility journey thus far, and the information is so great I felt it would bless many if we share it. I first met with her fiancé Brian McFadden at our clinic in Dubai and treated them both on a video call three months ago. They were referred to me by other clients of mine, British Royal Family members Zara and Mike Tindall.   [ UPDATE MAY 2021: Zara Tindall looks besotted with son Lucas in first appearance since Prince Philip's funeral ] [ UPDATE MAY 2021: Brian McFadden shares first photo of newborn baby girl ] IVF, Fertility & Natural Conception Twelve years ago, my husband and I went through our fertility journey. We received advice that we would also need