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The Rejuv Detox Water is an infusion with lemon, lime, ginger, cucumber, cinnamon & mint leaves. It helps hydrate your body and brain at a cellular level! The Rejuv Detox Water help you hydrate and detox, and the added cinnamon has a powerful effect to balance your blood sugar levels to reduce appetite and carb cravings. A study by Khan Et al. from the American Diabetes Association concluded that taking 1, 3, or 6 g of cinnamon per day reduces serum glucose, triglyceride, LDL cholesterol, and total cholesterol in people with type 2 diabetes. The same study suggests that cinnamon inclusion in the diet of people with type 2 diabetes will reduce disease risk factors. Cinnamon is a crucial ingredient in our Rejuv Blood Sugar Support Capsules. Taking cinnamon helps stop cravings and makes you feel mentally and physically strong. Drink 2-3L of clean filtered water every day and try to drink 1-2L of that quota mixed with our detox water recipe. I mix up a big

I love fasting, and I embraced intermittent fasting from my 20’s at university intuitively. It felt right to listen to my body and eat when I was hungry and choose water and lemon and fresh veggies juices till lunchtime. It stands to reason that if you are consuming three meals a day and snacks day in and day out, not to mention adding in tea, coffee and other drinks, the body only has a limited time during your sleep to detoxify. This is fine if you are healthy but if you want to improve your health and heal from disease, taking the pressure off your digestive system, reduce inflammation and giving the body time to heal itself through fasting is a powerful lifestyle choice.  As a lifestyle, I love intermittent fasting, and I always do a seasonal cleanse/fast, twice a year when the major seasons change - which is now!  Living in the UAE, I felt it was a great time

Obesity is linked to inflammation. Evidence suggests that eating too much added sugar and refined carbohydrates causes inflammation in your body and leads to obesity. When the immune system is impaired, the body is unable to defend itself through acute protective inflammation. Overeating tends to increase the immune response, which in turn causes the body to generate excessive inflammation. The vicious cycle starts with poor diet, chronic inflammation, and health problems such as type 2 diabetes, heart problems, liver disease, cancer, and other chronic diseases. Obesity is associated with chronic inflammation, and there does seem to be a genetic component to excess fat accumulation. Still, thanks to pioneering work in epigenetics and trailblazers such as Dr Bruce Lipton, your lifestyle choices either allow those genes to express and turn on or stay turned off. Therefore, this puts you back into the driver's seat of your health, and so you can combat inflammation, obesity and prevent disease.  I've previously shared my struggles with eating

I created this recipe for Gluten-Free Muffins ten years ago when I was home after having three babies in 5 years and wanted a daily healthy treat but didn’t want to eat junk, especially breastfeeding. I’ve been baking them ever since, and now my kids love them so much they bake them too. Gluten-Free Muffins Recipe  Begin making the Gluten-Free Muffins by mixing the dry ingredients: 250g almond flour 1 teaspoon of baking soda 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon 1/2 teaspoon of nutmeg. In a separate bowl, whisk together the wet ingredients: 2 organic eggs 1/4 cup of unsweetened plant milk  1/4 cup of Birch xylitol or stevia or coconut sugar (if I make the banana versions, I often don’t add this - so see what you prefer). 1 grated apple with skin. Mix the wet ingredients with the dry ingredients. Add your flavour to the Gluten-Free Muffins - blueberries or any berries, with banana & walnuts - or

I grew up a chubby kid with skinny siblings, I was teased a lot due to my excess belly fat, and since I was only a teenager and didn’t know what I know about metabolism now, I ended up with eating disorders. Starvation was the only way I knew how to reduce my weight, so the cycle of poor eating habits began. The tricky thing was that over one summer, I worked hard to change my appearance, and lost three dress sizes as I: exercised like mad didn’t eat much got my braces off I entered into my third year of high school and became addicted to the praise due to my root issue: approval addiction. My walk with obesity, eating disorders, insecurity and shame are why I am so passionate about this topic. These issues robbed me of half my childhood, feeling so embarrassed to secretly take food to my bedroom when my blood sugar regulation was low,

Are you looking after your liver? As the rules for quarantine are slowly relaxing many are coming out of this season feeling sluggish, bloated, irritable & having gained weight. Inflammation seems to be at an all-time high and mental and emotional health also out of balance.  NOW is the best time to have a good seasonal cleanse and get your health back into optimum so you can look and feel your best. Scroll down for my top 10 tips to cleanse your liver, boost your metabolism and get lean.  You may not have holidays booked, but we can use this time as a gift to ourselves and rebirth if you like to connect with who you want to be and what you want your health to look like. If we allow ourselves, we can use this time to reset our lives on all levels. Your liver is such a magnificent forgiving organ and is one of the fastest organs to regenerate and

Dr Simoné reveals the science behind why these whole food vegan Blood Sugar Support Capsules work so well and support stable blood sugar levels and a healthy metabolism. Blood Sugar Support Ingredients Here is the science behind how these ingredients work & why so many of our clients have lost many kilos but added these to their balanced diet Chromium picolinate and how it balances your blood sugar levels and stops cravings: This is an essential trace mineral that plays an important role in our bodies’ normal carbohydrate metabolism, which converts the food we eat into sugars. Chromium helps insulin (a natural hormone that is released in response to eating carbohydrates) to properly transport these sugars into cells to be stored as energy. It also supports stable blood sugar levels - crucial for slimmers as low and high “spikes” can lead to cravings, excessive hunger and binge eating. HCA Garcinia Cambogia: This is a small fruit that looks like a pumpkin and

Based on Dr Simone's research from her current Masters Degree she has formulated a new product to promote digestive health and heal your Gut and IBS but to also reduce body fat, reduce appetite and balance blood sugar levels putting a stop to food cravings. Rejuv Digestive Complex Powder formulated by Dr Simoné to fast track your health! When it comes to optimum health and a healthy BMI, the state of your gut microbiome is key to support not only your digestive system but your metabolism too! Dr Simoné has formulated a new product based on her research as part of her current Master’s Degree on obesity and the gut microbiome. The new product is called Rejuv Digestive Complex Powder and contains the very powerful pre-biotic inulin, fructooligosaccharides, in addition to many other groundbreaking ingredients. A human double-blind randomised parallel control trial to support the link between inulin, the microbiome and obesity were conducted by Guess et al. (2015). This study revealed that

Caffeine exercise and obesity. Could adding in a few cups of green tea help with your fat burning & sports performance? Whenever I come across a fellow clinical nutritionist with a passion for research it is always great to share such evidence-based findings. Vanessa Emslie has an M.Sc from Middlesex University in the UK. As part of her MSc in nutrition, Vanessa wrote a 10,000-word dissertation discussing the effects of Caffeine and exercise and therefore obesity and lipid management.   Here are some of the findings of Vanessa’s research: Obesity is an epidemic “Obesity (OBy), a disease of the 21st Century, is now an epidemic (World Health Organisation (WHO), 2014), and estimates are predicting more than half (57.8%) or 3.3 billion adults in the world’s population will be OW or obese (OB) by 2030 (Kelly et al., 2008). In developing countries, the prevalence of OBy continues to rise, with increasing rates of OBy are now being observed in children of younger ages (WHO, 2014).” Caffeine appears