Frequently asked questions

How many Physiotherapy sessions will I need?

As with the nutritional sessions each client is individually assessed and a program tailored to bring about the most effective healing strategy. Initial sessions are for 1 hour and follow up sessions are 30min. The frequency of sessions will depend on the patients pre-existing problem and if the client also needs some sessions on our Med-X rehab machine. To find out more about the Med-X and it’s computer spinal analysis please visit . We are the only clinic in London to have these Med-X machines which greatly accelerate healing, treating the causes of pain creating long term results, not just short term pain relief.

What can I expect to happen in a Physiotherapy session?

When you arrive for your initial assessment you will fill in a comprehensive health status questionnaire and you will then be seen by one of our Physiotherapists. Your condition will be assessed and you will receive treatment in this initial session and a plan for future sessions will be made. All of our Physiotherapists are registered with the major health insurance companies, covering the cost of your sessions.

Do you offer general wellness checks?

Yes many patients once they are on maintenance, come back once a year for a general check up to make sure their health improvements are maintained. We also offer full health checks to clients, even if they haven`t seen us before. A follow up session is then organised if a plan of action is required, based on the test results. A full blood screen is taken, hormones tested, heart health analyzed, diet and lifestyle re-adjusted and your biological age (internal age) is measured against your chronological age (age in years).

How many nutritional treatments will I need?

The average patient comes back after 2 weeks after living with the changes we have planned together. Usually we can determine your optimum wellness formula after the first treatment and the majority of your symptoms would have gone. Sometimes it takes us a little longer, depending on your current health status and further tests may need to be performed. Therefore the average patient needs 3-5 treatments before they reach their goals and generally return once or twice a year for maintenance.

What can I expect to happen in one of the nutritional sessions?

When you arrive you will fill out a health status questionnaire. One of our nutritionists will then go through all of your health concerns, symptoms and goals. You will have a blood test and urine analysis followed by an analysis of your diet, digestive system and lifestyle. Based on the information gathered from the former steps, a tailored wellness and eating program will be devised for you on the spot, to restore the foundation of your health.

"The Back Clinic at Rejuv has literally given me my life back thanks to the exceptional treatment I received from the Physiotherapy team."Brett Hodgkins