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A Free £45 Urine Test


Over the past months, I have treated many patients who are feeling overwhelmed. Many of you have experienced food and alcohol cravings, with blood sugar levels out of balance due to increased stress.

This is the reason that I have decided to send every one of my clients who is interested in balancing their health a free urine test with any purchase and give you my free analysis of your results to assist you in balancing your health.

Here is the link to the URINE TEST – use code FREEUTK at checkout to claim your gift.

Emotional eating is where we use food for purposes other than nourishment or satiation. It is when food is used as a coping mechanism to avoid emotions you don’t want to feel. We eat as a way to self-soothe, numb, fill a void or some sense of control or comfort.

While being at home, we all have 24-hour access to our kitchens. This easy access can cause a real problem, looking for food to release boredom or as a break from our work/homeschooling or staying up late and nibbling through the night.

Please place an order for £20 or more TODAY to receive your free analysis of your health status using our Ten-Point Urine Test Kit.

Use the code FREEUTK for a free Urine Test Kit and 10 Point Health Analysis.

Here are some testimonies from other clients who have used the Urine Test Kit to receive their bespoke 10 point health analysis:

“This is a great way to keep tabs on your health. Simone provides such fantastic and comprehensive advice based on the results of such a simple test (well – simple for us!). I can highly recommend these testing kits!” – Ruth

“Using these urine tests has really helped us to assess the success of supplements and dietary changes as we have gone along.” – Brian & Dani

“I was amazed at how this allows Simoné and the team to easily understand what is going on in my system, and what nutrients I am lacking, or where I need better support.” – Shona

I know the power of knowledge which is why I want to give you your FREE test kit and analysis with any order in October. 

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