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Gut-Brain Reset Pack

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To reset your gut-brain connection takes an average of 30 days. This pack comes with a full nutrition plan, instructions of how to take your Rejuv Nutrition supplements and lifestyle plan created by Simone Laubscher (PhD) based on the Seven Pillars of Wellness.


The Gut-Brain Digestive System Reset Supplements Pack is for anyone who suffers from Irritable Bowel Syndrome & gut issues such as wind, bloating, constipation, diarrhoea, food cravings, binge eating, brain fog, memory loss, depression, anxiety, anger, irritability, mood disorders, swollen ankles/ hands, bad breath, white coat on your tongue, weight gain, slow metabolism and hard to shift body fat.

For you to reset your gut & brain we need to take you on a journey, for an average of 30 days (or due to time demands at least in two-week blocks). This pack includes a full nutrition plan, instructions of how to take your Rejuv Nutrition supplements and lifestyle plan created by Dr Simone based on the Rejuv 7 Pillars of Wellness.

How the Gut-Brain Digestive System Reset Supplements Pack works

Firstly we need to open up your detox pathways with our Rejuv Liver Support and Water Flo plant-based capsules allowing your liver, gallbladder and lymphatic systems to facilitate your detox. If we don’t support such pathways you can be at risk of a healing crisis where you can re-absorb toxins for the body doesn’t have the ability to shift out of your body.

We also need to cleanse your colon for if this is narrowed and full of old toxic wastes then once we start to clear your gut of fungus, yeast, parasites and old intestinal debris we need to have an open highway for these toxins to be removed. This is why we include Magnesium Oxy Cleanse, Colon Clear Complex and also Liver Support in this pack.  

Many also suffer from a leaky gut so it is imperative to heal the gut function to get a healthy transit time and peristalsis through your colon, so we add in our Rejuv Digestive Complex Powder. We then use our antibacterial herbs in our Para Cleanse and Candida Gone blends, allowing us to kill off all the generations of your parasite and fungus overgrowth. Your microbiome is always in a dance between good and bad bacteria so we only use herbs and plants to kill off these microbes, not antibiotics so we preserve your good bacteria too. 

Next, we provide the ultimate synergistic formula to support your brain function with the Brain Support Formula. We no know there is more serotonin produced in your gut than in your brain so now that we have your gut functioning well, we need to make sure your brain also has the key nutrients it needs for ultimate cognitive function.

Lastly, we need to reinoculate with the preferred type of good bacteria that allows your microbiome to be happy. We use ProBiotic MAX, with over 20 billion of the most beneficial and powerful 8 strains of probiotics. We marry this in with Gut Microbiome Repair as it contains the preferred food source of your good bacteria, chicory root inulin, so we leave nothing to chance thus building the ultimate good bacteria strains in your microbiome, to move you into optimum gut-brain health.


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