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TheraH2O Water Purification Pitcher from Therasage


The TheraH2O water purification pitcher ionizes your tap water turning it into healthy, energetically vitalized, purified, structured water. Use Our 10% Affiliate Discount. Shipped from Therasage USA.


The TheraH2O  water purification pitcher filters and ionises tap water, transforming it into healthy, energetically vitalized, purified, structured water. The water pitcher features an exclusive cartridge to provide approximately 400 gallons of pure energised water per cartridge or 12 weeks of everyday use (mere pennies per gallon).

Imagine, Therasage has again raised the bar on health and wellness products by incorporating the healing frequencies of InfraRed in a new water purification system. 

Therasage, a leader in InfraRed devices and applications, has created a unique one ­of a­ kind water purification system, “TheraH2O”. After many years of research, Therasage has come up with the only water purification system that filters heavy metals, harmful chemicals including fluoride, lead, chlorine, pesticides, and virtually all particulates and creates cellular hydrating healthier living water.

What makes us different than all other purification pitchers and systems, is how we enhance the energetic quality of the water to make it the most bio-compatible water readily available to improve cellular health. TheraH2O employs multiple natural earth-stone technological advancements to make the water mineralised, energetically balance, and alter the PH towards alkaline (7.2-7.4), to take on the qualities of “living water”. TheraH2O utilises InfraRed frequency infusion to re­structure and re­order TheraH2O water. All in­ all, TheraH2Ois the best cellular hydration and water purification system on the market today.

TheraH2O creates clean, alkaline, silky-smooth, great-tasting refreshing water that is healthy to drink and use for cooking.

TheraH2O filters out fluoride,  chlorine and other contaminants and permanently absorb metals such as lead and copper, so your water is healthy, clear and refreshing, thirst-quenching water increases active hydrogen and eliminates limescale.

TheraH2O reduces water molecule size to create water that is easily absorbed and enhances Advanced Cellular Hydration (ACH).

Using activated carbon and unique paramagnetic materials soften our water, infuses negative ions, restores pH balance, to help the body neutralise excessive and harmful free radicals.

TheraH2O water purification pitcher utilises state of the art  Infrared technology to restructure the water and optimise absorption, as nature planned it to be.

TheraH2O – Alkaline – Anti-Oxidant Water offers enhanced alkalinity, creating more vital, healthy water. A higher PH level supports a better balance in the body.



  • Enhanced Cellular Hydration
  • Natural Gem Stones technology for maximum transfer of natures energetics
  • Infrared materials for restructuring and reordering the water
  • Vortex – to add vitality and energy.
  • Earth Element technology – to rebalance and mineralise the water
  • Bio-Compatible
  • The best potentiating water for making tea or coffee
  • Filters particulates and contaminates and environmental toxins
  • Filters bacteria
  • Filters chemicals, VOC’s, Florides, Chlorine, Arsenic
  • Filters Heavy metals, Lead, Mercury, Cadmium
  • Reduces limescale, mould and fungi
  • Negative Charge (ORP) reduces oxidative stress. 
  • Crystal Clear
  • Exceptional tasting and odourless
  • Excellent to enhance weight loss programs
  • Great for improving nutritional absorption

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