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Urine Test Kit & Professional Analysis


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This Urine Test Kit allows us to give you an analysis of the state of the 11 systems of your body. We recommend that you use one at the start of your protocol and one at the end to assess the need and the progress towards your wellness goal. 

Simply follow the instructions in the kit and send us a photo of the results for a FREE professional analysis and list of recommended products, protocols and exercises to restore your health as we take you on your wellness journey. 

This Urine Test Kit & Analysis is included as a complimentary service when you order the 30 Day Health Reset Pack or the Gut-Brain Reset Protocol.

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4 reviews for Urine Test Kit & Professional Analysis

  1. Brian McFadden

    Using these urine tests has really helped us to assess the success of supplements and dietary changes as we have gone along. Important for my fertility, I can see I am now more alkaline than acidic and my partners liver function is tip top & his metabolism is much better!

  2. Christer (verified owner)

    Easy to use and very detailed feedback from Simone based on the results. Amazing insights and a great way to get a starting point on my wellness journey!

  3. Ruth Hicks (verified owner)

    This is a great way to keep tabs on your health. Simone provides such fantastic and comprehensive advice based on the results of such a simple test (well – simple for us!). I can highly recommend these testing kits!

  4. SHONA SHARMA (verified owner)

    This test kit was easy to use, and I was amazed at how this allows Simoné and the team to easily understand what is going on in my system, and what nutrients I am lacking, or where I need better support. So easy to use.
    Brilliant and genius way of being able to support customers who are in and outside of the M25 in London!

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