Rejuv Antartic Omega 3


​Sustainably-sourced Antarctic krill oil - a pure source of Omega 3 and potent antioxidants!


  • Highest grade Antarctic krill oil in capsules
  • A pure source of Omega 3 oil
  • Contains the powerful antioxidant, astaxanthin
  • Sourced exclusively from sustainable fisheries in the Antarctic through Aker BioMarine™ (who work with World Wildlife Foundation Norway)•Country of origin: Antarctica
  • Manufactured in: Europe
  • Source: Wild Antarctic krill
  • 60 marine gelatine capsules per pot

Ingredients per 1 gelatine capsule:

  • Antarctic krill oil - 500mg
  • Total phospholipids (g/100g) 43g+
  • Triglycerides (g/100g) <50g
  • Total omega-3 (g/100g) 24g+


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