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Detox & Re-tox balance: Dr Simoné gives you her top 10 tips on how to reach your balance between living clean & overindulging. Practical tools you can easily implement allowing you to fast track your health so you can literally have your cake & eat it too! Instead of being stuck with the inner battle of overindulging and abstaining, why not put a plan in place allowing you to literally have your cake & eat it too! Firstly give yourself permission to let your hair down on special occasions and try to keep clean 6 days a week, allowing yourself one day a week to enjoy yourself. 10 top tips to Achieving Your Detox & Re-tox Balance: Eat clean the week before a weekend of overindulgence The week before a weekend of overindulgence, eat clean and try to stay off the sugar, gluten, dairy, red meat and alcohol. This will prepare the body so it can deal with the overload much better. To further support

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