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Back Clinic


Since 1998 we specialise in acute and chronic back and neck pain, actively treating the root cause of the problem, breaking the vicious cycle of pain. We are the only clinic in the UK using the famous MedX® protocols- evidence based, measured and proven.


Our highly trained physiotherapists specialise in the treatment of acute and chronic lower back and neck pain with our unique rehabilitation protocol combining ‘The Laubscher Method’ and MedX® available only at Rejuv UK & UAE.


We are all about rehabilitation. From the first baby steps after injury or surgery to the final rehabilitation stages required for your sport. We’ll be by your side all the way!



Osteopathic treatment is aimed not simply at the relief of symptoms, but towards helping the body function at optimum in all respects by releasing accumulated stress, toxins and strains.


We have a fantastic lymphatic drainage machine which we incorporate manual lymphatic drainage massage by on of our highly trained physiotherapists. We also do a urine test to determine the cause of the inflammation and edema/water retention and can add on a nutritional consultation to get to the root cause.


As part of our Rejuv 7 pillars of wellness we include movement as a vital part of your wellness journey.

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Visit our store for organic whole-food nutritional supplements formulated by Dr Simoné, made in the UK.