Lymphatic Drainage

Whether you prefer to work out in a gym, at home or in a park our team can fit in with your lifestyle, goals and budget.

We are specialists in acute and chronic back and neck pain, actively treating the root cause of the problem, breaking the vicious cycle of pain. We are the only clinic in the UK using the famous MedX® protocols- evidence based, measured and proven.

We specialise in the Musculoskeletal System and understand completely how your nerves, muscles and skeleton work together in a healthy body, allowing us to accurately assess, diagnose and treat your problem.

Our chef sources the organic and free range ingredients the day before and prepares the meals that evening, so they can be delivered to you each morning

"I am able to stay lean as well as physically and mentally strong."Elle Macpherson

We have a fantastic lymphatic drainage machine which we incorporate manual lymphatic drainage massage by on of our highly trained physiotherapists. We also do a urine test to determine the cause of the inflammation and edema/water retention and can add on a nutritional consultation to get to the root cause. This allows us to fast track your results dealing with the physical problem combined with the internal causes.

"The Back Clinic at Rejuv has literally given me my life back thanks to the exceptional treatment I received from the Physiotherapy team."Brett Hodgkins

Rejuv team