Slimming Therapies

We have exciting new weight loss packages including nutrition, Rejuv Nutrition supplements to re-set your metabolism & cut appetite, Dr Simone's protocol (lose a pound a day), lymphatic drainage and much more.

We are specialists in acute and chronic back and neck pain, actively treating the root cause of the problem, breaking the vicious cycle of pain. We are the only clinic in the UK using the famous MedX® protocols- evidence based, measured and proven.

We specialise in the Musculoskeletal System and understand completely how your nerves, muscles and skeleton work together in a healthy body, allowing us to accurately assess, diagnose and treat your problem.

Our chef sources the organic and free range ingredients the day before and prepares the meals that evening, so they can be delivered to you each morning

"I am able to stay lean as well as physically and mentally strong."Elle Macpherson

We have lots of exciting packages for weight loss, cellulite and for metabolic support.

From lose a pound a day with Dr Simone’s protocol to our bespoke packages with our NEW Physio Lymph Detox removing unwanted water retention, cellulite & body fat. We also have packages of Rejuv Nutrition products formulated by Dr Simoné for metabolism, blood sugar regulation and appetite control.

"Rejuv Gourmet food totally supports my busy life. They deliver fresh & delicious gourmet meals to my door each day that are bespoke to my exact nutritional needs. I'm on the fast track to health!"Elle Macpherson

Rejuv team