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The Super Elixir 2015 Study

In 2015 I conducted The Super Elixir Study. Over eight weeks we tested 50 of my patients before and after taking THE SUPER ELIXIR Greens, across 84 different biomarkers including blood, iron levels, cholesterol levels and liver function.

Clients were randomly selected all with various health imbalances to create an average cross-section of the general population. To bring about the most scientifically sound report I kept all variables consistent and only changed one which was to add in 2 teaspoons of the Super Elixir each day. To maximise absorption, clients were instructed to consume The Super Elixir 1 hour away from hot or caffeinated drinks. The findings were amazing.

For The Super Elixir Study, I documented an observational clinic study of 50 of my patients over eight weeks, collecting data pre & post-treatment just like I did with Elle.

  • 10 point urine test
  • A full biochemistry blood test
  • Assessment of perceived health status (questionnaire)

One of the first questions I asked Elle Macpherson many years ago was “Are you tired or toxic?”

Our modern lifestyle can upset the body’s healthy pH balance with many of us being too acidic causing so many health issues big and small. I wanted one simple all-in-one supplement with highly absorbable nutrients to help the body reduce inflammation and disease.

We don’t observe a clients progress on chemistry alone – I ask them how they hey feeling, sleeping etc., for their perceived health must line up with chemical changes in blood and urine.

The Super Elixir Study was observational, just changing one variable – adding in 2 teaspoons of The Super Elixir per day to their existing lifestyle & here are the results.


the super elixir reduced inflammation


An inflamed body is a by-product of today’s increasing acidic diet of sugar, alcohol, red meat, dairy products and coffee, teamed with pollution and stress. Many health issues are associated with an acidic body – low energy, weight gain, food cravings, pain, accelerated ageing and the increased likelihood of disease.



the super elixir improved mineral status


Minerals are essential for every single cell to function correctly. Sodium, potassium, calcium, and magnesium minerals are all essential to life. Without those minerals your heart won’t be healthy your bones won’t be healthy, your eyes won’t be healthy.




the super elixir and weight loss


The weight loss results were very exciting because none of the participants went on a strict diet but maintained their exciting eating habits and added THE SUPER ELIXIR. When you give the body what it needs to function correctly you naturally become less hungry and crave less junk.



the super elixir improved liver function


The liver is the powerhouse for removing toxins. If you don’t remove toxins from the body you become more acidic and your inflammatory markers go up creating an environment for disease to flourish. This affects your gall balder, blocks your detox pathways and you’re more likely to hold onto excessive body fat.



As a practitioner, I treat a variety of clients of everyday life.  Of course, I also treat patients with complex disease processes, but we did not include them in this study. I often do a full biochemistry test on a patient. All clients also send in a health status form before we proceed with an appointment.

We used The Doctors Lab (TDL) in Wimpole St, London, for The Super Elixir Study as they have a verified actual clinical trial department.  I’ve been working with TDL for 23 years and still, to this day, they are the only lab that does all of my UK blood tests.

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